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Collaboration with Data Platform Next Step

Data Platform Next Step in Denmark and Data Céilí in Ireland are falling on the same day in June 2023. Both events discussed this and realise there is a feeling of restriction on speakers only being able to apply to one event, but losing the ability to have a Plan B at the other event.


We have removed this restriction, and agreed a way for speakers to easily apply to both events, and put the option of preference in their hands if they are selected for both!

Next Step and Data Céilí are both Microsoft Data Platform related events, but the overall theme is a little different, so the risk of speakers being selected for both is low. All the same, we want to manage that minor risk.


Here is what we’ve agreed

  • Our Call for Proposal dates will align to Friday 24th February 2023

  • Both events will do session selection, then cross-match for any speakers selected at both events

  • Those speakers will be contacted & asked to choose their preferred event

  • The other event will then re-select from the pool to fill that place

What is the impact?

  • Speakers can apply to both events, we’ll manage the whole thing collaboratively

  • No speaker will be forced into a late rejection at one event, having been selected at their preferred event.

  • We feel this gives more options for speakers and removes potential uncomfortable situations.

Yours sincerely,

This message was put together jointly by the Next Step and Data Céilí teams. ​

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