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Training Days 2024

We are delighted to bring you these below training days for this year's event.  

The cost for the training days is €250.00 + booking fee.
Early bird price of €200.00 + booking fee applies until the end of April

Hi, I am Nikola and I'm making music from the data!


I am a Power BI and Microsoft Fabric addict, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Pluralsight Author, blogger and speaker. See more here


Session Summary

Congratulations! You've built your shiny fancy Power BI report and your charts look terrific. But, your data refresh takes forever...Or, your report is utterly slow when interacting with visuals...You switch to DirectQuery mode to make things better, just to discover that the report performance sucks even more...

And, if you feel lost, I don't blame you - I've also been there!

That's why this workshop is for you: we will examine potential bottlenecks in your Power BI report - starting with defining the best practices for data model size optimization, understanding the importance of query folding feature, all the way to identifying culprits for your slow report rendering. We will wrap it up with learning when and why (not) to use DirectQuery mode, and how to apply improvements on the data source side to make things faster in the Power BI.


Participants will walk out well-equipped to identify the potential Power BI development areas that need improvement. By understanding specific important concepts and features, and the way Power BI works internally, participants will be able to create highly efficient reporting solutions.


We will wrap it up with learning when and why (not) to use DirectQuery mode, and how to apply improvements on the data source side to make things faster in the Power BI. We'll also examine how to get the most out of the latest Direct Lake mode in Microsoft Fabric, and in which scenarios makes sense to go this route.


Kevin is a Data Engineering manager for Avanade Netherlands.


He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and dual-category Microsoft MVP for both Data Platform and Developer Technologies. Find out more here

Pragati is a Data Platform MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) who work  with Avanade UK.

She holds a Master’s degree in Data Science and Analytics from Royal Holloway University of London. Find out more here.


Session Summary

Microsoft Fabric is a new service that was announced during Microsoft Build 2023. Which has caused a lot of excitement in the Microsoft Data Platform community.

During this training day we will cover what Microsoft Fabric is and its place in the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. It is co-presented by two MVP’s who have looked into solutions for clients from different perspectives. One from a Power Bi background and one from a Data Engineering services background, so that you get a holistic view about the entire Microsoft Fabric environment.


During the training day we cover:

Confidently administer and govern the Microsoft Fabric environment (including licensing)
Work with One Lake
Realistically implement Lakehouses
Work with Data warehouses
Implement Data Factory for various scenarios
Start with real-time analytics
Get started with Data Science
Start with real-time analytics
Become Data Driven++ with Data Activator
Use Power BI with some of the above experiences


A lot of these elements can be worked on in your own Microsoft Fabric environment. However, we will also be showing demos throughout the day. In addition, we will also explain its role in the Microsoft Data Platform with some practical demos. We will send out information on how you can look to create your own Fabric environment beforehand. Just be aware that some functionality might be limited.

In addition, it helps to have various applications installed locally. We will send out a list of applications before the training day.

At the end of this training day, you leave with the knowledge you need to get started Microsoft Fabric.

Heini is a math teacher turned Azure expert.


She is a DevOps Consultant at Polar Squad and a Data Platform MVP, specializing in Azure infrastructure and the data platform. Find out more here. 


Session Summary

Choose your data services, deploy and off you go! The ease of setting up a data platform solution in Azure a no brainer. But to set a production ready architecture in Azure requires you to figure out connectivity between services, security configurations, all the way down to access control to services and users alike.

During this full day precon we will be both going through the theory, as well as building out a reference architecture using Azure Databricks and Microsoft Fabric to bring these architecture principles to life.

We will begin the day by going through a systematic process to choose the most appropriate services for your use case, by looking at the entire Azure data landscape. We will then take a closer look at how to make these services work seamlessly in your environment by consider monitoring, availability, backups and encryption to name a few.

In the second part of the day, we will be focusing on two main areas: networking and access control. We will figure out how to make Azure networking work for your benefit and how to really make complex networking scenarios work without hick ups. With access control, we need to get very familiar with Azure AD, as well as figure out how access can be managed to empower the different users of our data solution.


As we build on our reference architecture throughout this precon day, you will have a starting point with all architectural aspects covered, and the understanding adopt this architecture to different scenarios. During this day you will be give a boost to your skills for architecting a powerful data platform solution on Azure!


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